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Diecast Machinery Models Customized As Company Souvenirs
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Car models knowledge[ 12-01 10:39 ]
Car models are made in strict accordance with the scale ,Common ratio are 1:12, 1:18,1:24,1:43,1:87 and so on.One of the important standards of measuring a car model manufacturing level is accuracy of proportion with the original car.
The king of the Marines-Tank[ 11-10 16:16 ]
Many people like tank because it is powerful and cool,but the real tank can't be used to collection,so high simulating tank models become military fans favorite.
Tunnel Boring Machine Model[ 11-06 10:34 ]
A tunnel boring machine (TBM), also known as a "mole", is a machine used to excavate tunnels with a circular cross section through a variety of soil and rock strata, it is used to microtunneling too. They can bore through anything from hard rock to sand. Tunnel diameters can range from a metre to 19.25 metres to date. Tunnels of less than a metre or so in diameter are typically done using trenchless construction methods or horizontal directional drilling rather than TBMs.
Decorative Electroplating process[ 10-12 17:00 ]
    Electroplating can prevent corrosion,abrasion resistance,conductibility,reflective and promote the appearance and so on. Shenzhen Shinbok Models and Gifts Co.,Ltd. Is a manufacture has 10 years experience of model making.Our models are widely ...
Die Casting Process[ 09-24 10:30 ]
    Shenzhen Shinbok Models and Gifts Co.,Ltd. is a manufacture has 10 years to make all kinds of models like military models,wind turbine models,machinery and equipment models,car and train models and so on. Our Competitive Advantages Well and...
Where to buy wind turbine models[ 09-12 15:32 ]
Wind turbines is also called the windmill,it is based on the heat source and atmosphere to working. Wind power as a renewable ,no pollution and natural energy has attracted people's wide attention and wind turbine is become a boom in the world, because it is ...
Pressure Die Casting Process[ 09-06 14:39 ]
 If you are a model car collector, many of the cars in your collection may have been manufactured by die casting. Die casting allows you to mould metal into various shapes. Before die casting, many metals were welded and hammered together. This resulted i...
What is Die-cast model[ 08-27 16:58 ]
 The term die-cast models here refers to any toys or  collectible models produced by using the die casting method. The models are made of metal, with plastic, rubber, or glass details. Wholly plastic models are made by a similar process of injection ...
How can you design a customized model to be a satisfying gift?[ 09-15 09:47 ]
Firstly, you can let us know a preliminary idea and purpose of your custom project. Then, we will provide you some of our existing designs for reference, and also give you some suggestion, such as base, holder, additional functions, packaging and so on. After further discussion to confirm the design, our engineer will also provide you a design effect picture or engineering drawing for approval before mass-production.
Which product ranges your factory can produce?[ 09-15 09:47 ]
Diecast Model Cars, Diecast Vehicle Models (Truck Model, Container Truck model, Fire Engine Truck Model, Tractor Truck Model, Bus Model, Train model, Locomotive Model, Motorcycle Model…), Diecast Engine Model, Diecast Aircraft Models, Diecast or Plastic Wind Turbine Models, Diecast Military Models, Diecast Ship Models, Diecast Aerospace Models, Diecast Construction Machinery Models, Diecast Power Equipment Models, Diecast Mining Machinery Models, Diecast Oil and Gas Equipment Models, Diecast Industrial Equipment Models, Diecast Metal Trophy, and so on.
Can you print our logo to your existing products?[ 09-15 09:46 ]
Yes, but only for those existing designs without NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement), we can produce and sell them by ourselves, and we will have a chance to print your custom logo on them.
How to define the model scale?[ 09-15 09:45 ]
According to different occasions of the models to be used, the quality requirements, project budget, you can provide us an expected model size, then our engineer will calculate a final rough scale according to the information you provided. However, there is no need for each model to have a exact scale, as some of the models will be designed to be a decorative gift, and some of the parts will be ignored or added if necessary.
How about the expected effect of the surface finish on each model?[ 09-15 09:44 ]
Generally speaking, we can do different effects of surface finish as required, such as baking painting (matt, polishing, textured, grainy…), electro-plating (gold, silver, chrome, nickel, brass…), antique finish, and so on.
What material needed to be used during model making?[ 09-15 09:44 ]
Normally, you can give us a general idea of your preferred materials to be used, such as zinc alloy, aluminium alloy, stainless steel, ABS plastic, PE, acrylic, crystal, wood, and so on. Then, we can provide you a better solution according to your target price, required process, design effect, purpose, function and so on.
Can you provide us a weight of a model for reference after model design finalized?[ 09-15 09:43 ]
Yes, of course no problem, but we can only provide you a rough weight for reference. For the consideration of overseas transportation, the weight is also an important factor to the transportation costs, especially for the metal models.
How the models will be packed when mass-production?[ 09-15 09:41 ]
Packaging is an important part of a product, especially for a model product, as most of them are customized and used as a business gift, promotional gift, exhibition, and so on.
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