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Diecast Machinery Models Customized As Company Souvenirs
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Die Casting Process Types[ 09-21 17:04 ]
 Die casting  is a popular manufacturing process for casting metal products. There are two main die casting process types and several variations in process design.  When molten metal is forced into mold cavities at high pressure, it is known as ...
Beijing scientific carnival fighters - 11 model with stunts[ 06-18 16:14 ]
Hands-on participation in scientific experiments show, experience the forefront of international scientific projects, to stir up the future of the facial nerve to explore science and technology...The reporter learns from the city association for science and technology, the third Beijing scientific carnival activities, on September 12, nearly 300 interactive science project will appear in the Olympic park activities at home, and to set up an evening at the weekend, for the first time introduced large video interaction holographic dance "guangyao dream", people can get free tickets.
Shenzhen nanshan district vehicle model[ 06-18 16:12 ]
The 15th 2013 nanshan district education science festival vehicle model, recently held in nanshan university primary school's sea.From the area more than 400 primary and middle school students to participate in the competition.Excellent it is understood that after area after the game, players will qualify shenzhen vehicle model contest, then have a chance to participate in the project throughout the country on behalf of shenzhen.
The simulation model car collection little knowledge[ 06-18 16:03 ]
Collection of simulation models, can according to personal taste hobby, economic strength, car supplies, and so on and so forth and adopt different ways of collection.Generally has the following several kinds of collection way:
Vehicle model car[ 06-18 16:00 ]
Thousands of vehicle model of the hundreds of cheap, expensive."Car model is not a toy, its workmanship is very fastidious, the real car models a lot, some parts are scaled down elaborate. Body for alloy, with the surface of the lacquer that bake also like the real car formula ingredients, some high-end models is made of pure gold and silver. Even car model can reproduce the real car's momentum, strength and beauty, has a very high appreciation and collection value, this is a toy.
Solar energy fan model[ 06-18 15:58 ]
A large number of supply independently by our company development and production of solar energy fan model.This product is a modern human with the proportion of wind power generation model, he fully display part clean energy such as wind power and solar energy use and development, the development direction of energy in the future of mankind.
The first model train operation will be held in Mongolia culture transmission train[ 06-18 15:56 ]
On March 17, more than 30 train fans gathered in Inner Mongolia Hohhot railway station, took part in the Hohhot railway station of the first train culture festival and the 1st model train operation of Inner Mongolia.
China's large aircraft model and the C919 aircraft model at the Singapore air show[ 06-18 15:53 ]
As Asia's largest aerospace and defense exhibition, Singapore air show on February 11, 2014-16, held in Singapore's changi airport exhibition center.There will be from 47 countries and regions more than 1000 enterprises to participate in the exhibition, exhibitors number in the history of the most.As many as 60 world 100 strong airlines will get its leading product and technology exhibition, for exhibitors and visitors with impressive static display and flight performance.
Domestic large aircraft, the C919 model "flying into" learnt[ 06-18 15:50 ]
In the middle of the comac booth, two militantly proclaim 1:10 percentage of plane model, through the porthole, cabin interior of take in everything in a glance, below the aircraft model, the passenger information on the LED display video was broadcast.The workers are busy cleaning the booth of sundry, wipe the aircraft model and basic end of the exhibition booth, this is a reporter yesterday (10) days at the fair can see building no. 3.
China advanced aircraft conceptual model[ 06-18 15:48 ]
25 in the opening of the 15th national conference center at an aviation expo in Beijing, China aviation industry group's advanced concept fighter model luxuriant appearance, demonstrated by the Beijing air show three decades avic onto the world stage for 30 years "as the theme, the latest achievements in China's aviation industry into the world aviation industry chain.
China aerospace model championship kick-off in jiaozhou[ 06-18 15:44 ]
Yesterday morning, "national development of jiaozhou cup" in 2013, the national air and space model championship in jiaozhou grand opening.In four days of competition, from 21 provinces and cities of the country's 22 teams, 235 elite, aerospace model for group and individual to 44 single race, decide the gold, silver, copper 132 MEDALS.
The present model car collection[ 06-18 15:40 ]
Collection is part of the art of living, as car into ordinary people families model car collection nowadays has become a new fashion, the car model is not only a fine art crafts, more concentrated the richness of the car itself, is the most important carrier of the car culture.This article will take you into a wonderful world for model cars.
A gift collection small encyclopedia vehicle model[ 06-18 15:37 ]
History collection arrangement method according to the development of the automobile, production time, studies the evolution of the automobile, the development process (including shape development, the development of the engine, etc.).From different periods of style trends and experiences in the historical background at that time the main trend of modern human civilization, the development of the steam, is a microcosm of the modern science and technology and social development of mankind.
The value of the military model[ 06-18 15:35 ]
Historical value -- through the military model can learn about the history of the prototype weapon more background information, in order to increase the understanding of it, to appreciate its contribution to the history.
Important elements in the model car - car culture[ 06-18 15:32 ]
Car has experienced more than one hundred years since the invention of evolution, the development of technology progress, increasingly tend to be diversified, function and appearance is not only the whole human society depends on the important traffic tools, also like fashion, jewelry, watches and clocks, as people show personality, aesthetics and one of the carrier of life interest.
Introduction to value knowledge for model cars[ 06-18 15:30 ]
As the model car enthusiasts increasing, more and more people from the car model to be discovered by value.
The development and the maintenance of model car models in the world of exploration[ 06-18 15:28 ]
As the name implies, car lovers are those cars, like cars, cars such as the life of people, all aspects of the gap between people, however, doomed not every car lovers can have large sums of money to buy or modified their car, under this kind of condition limit, car enthusiasts began in other fields to satisfy the desire to own hobby, such as games, toys, etc., today we're going to talk about, that the car enthusiasts and collect lover favorite car model.
Four types of business analytic mold manufacturing enterprises in our country[ 06-18 15:18 ]
There are four main business type: contract type, half contracting type, its type, the individual family.
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